Site Analysis & Master Planning

Site Analysis

Prior to preparing a golf course design, or if a client just wants to know the potential for putting a golf course on a specific site, Dye Designs will do a site analysis.

Dye will first request aerial photos and, more importantly, topography maps of the land on which the proposed golf course will be placed.  This enables Dye to determine the amount of earth that will need to me moved, added or removed to create an acceptable golf course design.  These photos and maps will also show the severity of the terrain and the boundaries of the golf course property.

Next, Dye will personally visit the site to see what type of soil is on the site and what existing topography and plants could be incorporated into the design of the golf course.

Finally, Dye prepares an initial routing of a golf course.

Master Plans

With a simple aerial photo and/or topography map, Dye Designs can begin the process of site inventory for a master plan.  Performing an inventory entails gathering as much information about the proposed site as possible.  Site photos, topography maps, boundaries and limitations, and any other vital property information are all aspects of the inventory.

The next step in creating a master plan is a site analysis. This is the process of evaluating site inventory, studying efficient uses of land, drainage patterns, interior and exterior views, environmental habitat and prevailing winds.  Dye Designs will visit and walk the golf course, noting what changes are necessary to bring the course up to the standard desired by the membership.  From this visit, Dye Designs prepares a report with suggested capital improvements to the course, ranging from the redesign of some holes or features on the golf course, to improved maintenance practices and maintenance equipment, along with projected costs.

After the report has been reviewed by the Board of Directory, Dye Designs is available to present its report to the membership and answer any questions the have about the suggested improvements. Construction Consultation

Dye Designs will consult with its client in preparing for the construction of the golf course and render certain consulting services during the performance of the construction work on the golf course to assure that the golf course is constructed in accordance with the plan documents prepared by Dye Designs.

  • Dye makes recommendations to the client of construction companies to bid on building the golf course.  Dye supports the contractors certified by the Golf Course Builders Association on America (GCBAA).
  • Dye prepares and sends out bid documents (full set of plans and Specification Book) to the contractors the Client has selected to bid on the construction.
  • Dye works with the client in analyzing the bids received from contractors.
  • Dye Designs continues to consult with the client regarding the work of any contractor performing any of the construction work.  Throughout the progress of the construction work, Dye will visit the site in order to monitor adherence to the plan documents, to consult with Client, to coordinate liaison between the design of the golf course and the performance of the construction work, and to assure that Dye Design’s design concepts are implemented during the construction work.