Golf Course Design & Renovation


Consultation, Planning and Preliminary Design Phase


Preliminary site visits by Dye Designs personnel, followed by consulting with and presenting ideas to designated client representatives and stakeholders.  Coordination with the client, land planners and/or consultants regarding the harmonious planning of the new golf course, as it relates to the total planned community.

Preparation of a preliminary routing plan drawing incorporating features of the site and surrounding environment.  This plan is intended to serve as the guideline for future development of the golf course.

Site visits, as needed, and consultation to develop a design implementation plan based on recommendations of Phase I, to include construction phasing plan, to prioritize development and cost projections.


Design Development Phase

Development of a preliminary grading plan, staking plan, clearing plan, and basic drainage plan.  The end product of this phase will be documents that provide detailed information sufficient to complete rough grading.


Construction Documents, Working Drawings and Specifications Phase

Preparation of construction documents and working drawings, including preparation of all plans, specifications, and drawings (“Plan Documents”) that are necessary to construct the Golf Course.