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About Dye Designs

Dye Designs has designed golf courses in a wide variety of locales, from the lowest point in America (Furnace Creek Inn and Resort in Death Valley, California, 214 feet below sea level), to one of the highest points (Copper Creek Golf Club in Copper Mountain, Colorado, which sits at nearly 10,000 feet).  Dye has designed golf courses for extremely arid areas (the Hideaway in the desert of La Quinta, California), and areas that get an extreme amount of rain (Royal Hawaiian Hills Country Club in Oahu, Hawaii).  You’ll find Dye designed courses on the sides of mountains in Japan (Golden Lakes Country Club) and running along an ocean coast in Thailand (Thai Muang Beach Resort in Phuket) and in Turkey (Shepherd Links at Turtle Beach at Antalya).  Dye Designs truly has experience working in all extremes.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of Dye Designs lends itself to a wide variety of golfers with varying levels of ability. The job of the designer is to provide a challenge to advanced players without creating so much frustration that beginners leave the game of golf or migrate to a less difficult course. Dye Designs is aware of this challenge and uses several techniques to overcome the situation. Particular attention must be paid to these different abilities, along with an equal concern for maintenance and the environment.

Perry Dye and Dye Designs are highly dedicated to the game of golf, and the Dye staff feels strongly that the future of golf lies in the constant introduction of the game to future golfers, while continually challenging the seasoned veterans. Providing a memorable and enjoyable golf experience is a primary goal in every Dye design.

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